About Shera

SHERA Public Company Limited , based in Thailand, has been established for over 40 years and is one of the largest manufacturers of fibre cement boards, siding and roofing and concrete roof tiles in the world.

SHERA's range of fibre cement building materials are widely known and available throughout the world. Their cutting edge production technology, distribution networks, marketing strategies and client services are enjoyed by our clients on a worldwide basis.

SHERA continuously try to improve themselves through technology and human resources in the constantly changing business world to ensure progress, innovation and leadership position in the marketplace.Innovation is critical to maintaining a leading position in the fibre cement industry.


The hub of the SHERA operations is in Bangkok, Thailand. Situated within easy access to the major domestic transportation routes as well as the new international airport, our headquarters contains the following key elements of the organisation: Domestic and International Sales Teams, Marketing Team, Finance & Accounts, Information Technology (IT) and Senior Management.

SHERA Manufacturing Plants

SHERA have five manufacturing plants around Thailand. The Lopburi plant is the largest of the domestic plants and the sheer size and activity of the operation leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Situated in Lopburi, a province in the central region of Thailand approximately 154 kilometers north of Bangkok. This site alone covers 190,000 square metres and employs over 1,200 people. 

The manufacturing process which utilises state of the art machinery and hi-tech, green technology takes place in the interior of the plant. Vast storage warehouses fringe the outer areas, which supply fleets of vehicles being fed by numerous distribution personnel packaging and processing for distribution throughout the region. 

The manufacture process for both the Concrete Roof Tile (CRT) and Fibre Cement (FC) products is completely automated and controlled by an SAP supply chain management system, which is staffed and maintained in a centralised IT centre in the heart of the plant.

SHERA Lopburi plant is one of several throughout Thailand

SHERA Research and Development

SHERA is at the forefront of research and development in the industry and have fully quipped laboratories and a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to research and development. 

Most of our dedicated Research and Development Team is based in our Lopburi Plant (above) and the team consists of approximately 40 Scientists, Engineers and Laboratory Technicians, headed by our Technology Development Manager. 

This team plays a key role in supporting the SHERA in the development of raw materials, processes, products and machinery. 

SHERA has a vision to leverage its innovative products and combine this with energetic and talented individuals to enable us to be competitive in the global market. Ultimately our aim is to be the most innovative corporation in the industry.
SHERA have a team of dedicated scientists and engineers who carry out Research & Development activities


SHERA pride themselves on being innovators in the fibre cement industry and invest heavily in research and development. As a consequence SHERA is responsible for design, production and distribution of numerous innovative fibre cement siding, fibre cement flooring & fibre cement roofing products, integrated building solutions and even innovative machinery used in the manufacturing process. 

Green Policy

For over three decades SHERA have led the way in the roofing and walling industry in Thailand with its creative flare and pioneering spirit. Under the brand Ha Huang (roofing) and SHERA, our creations are unique both in terms of their originality and aesthetic qualities and they have made the company a leader in the fibre cement industry in the Asia region. 

In addition to adhering to international standards, according to our company philosophy, SHERA operate under a strict "Green Policy" and utilise state of the art technology and production procedures to preserve natural resources, the environment and energy sources, as well as reduce pollution during the manufacturing process.