Shera Floor Planks

SHERA Floor Planks - perfect exterior decking material

SHERA Floor planks are the ideal material for interior or exterior decking applications on a variety of building types from villas to hotels and offices to shopping malls.
Tough yet beautiful, these planks look like real wood yet are extremely tough, water resistant, rot proof, fire resistant and come in pre-primed and colour through, wood like colours.

 SHERA floor plank originated from the concept of manufacturing environmentally friendly products, reducing the need for use of real wood. 

SHERA floor plank provides the best substitution to natural wood deck suitable for a wide range of looks, whether traditional, heritage or contemporary, making it a perfect alternative for residential or commercial buildings, offering choices of textures such as cassia and straight grain, with or without top routing lines, as well as coming in pre-primed or colour through painted format.

Pre-Primed and Colour Through Painted Formats

·         Pre-primed 
·         Coloured using colour through painting
·         Different thicknesses 
·         Different widths
·         Including planks with groove lines

Colour Through, Painted Format

SHERA Floor Plank comes in four wood like colours, in ‘colour-through’ format, resulting in less of a need for touch ups and repairs when planks are subjected to heavy foot traffic.
Cheznut Brown

Golden Sand Teak

Tropical Oak
Brown Wenge

Availability of Decking Planks - Colour Through Format

Availability of Decking Planks in Pre-Primed Format

Technical Data

SHERA floor plank innate beauty, with added resistance to fire, termites and moisture makes it a highly suitable material for not only interior but also exterior flooring applications.





ASTM D5516 : Organic Emissions Standard
Carbon Label
Green Label, Singapore
WORLDWIDE 50 YEARS Durability Warranty