Shera Philosophy

Shera Philosophy

The SHERA vision is to utilise the latest developments in fibre reinforced cementitious composites to create new and aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly fibre cement building products whilst causing as little damage to the environment as possible.

SHERA are known in Asia as an innovative company and we strive to become the leader in pre-engineered, mass housing, integrated building solutions, believing that new creations are formed by using knowledge and imagination; and innovation helps stimulate the economy and society.

SHERA is based in Thailand and the philosophy of the company is deeply entrenched in Thai Buddhism, which encourages people to be more responsible towards the environment and understand the interaction and link between actions and reactions. See more details of SHERA here.

With this in mind, and together with the numerous, widely known environmental issues we face to date, such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, deforestation, and so on, it is clear that by ignoring these issues we are damaging ourselves by carelessly mismanaging the environment. 

It is this philosophy that is the driving force behind SHERA innovations. SHERA has a strong sense of duty to ‘social responsibility’ and tries to help in the betterment of  society and improve infrastructure and standards of living, giving people the means to develop and evolve themselves, helping to regenerating essential income for the community and society as a whole.